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I'm retired TSgt Steven Tooley assigned to Comiso AS, Sicily from Dec 1987-Dec 1989. I just happened to type in GLCM the other day and was overwhelmed at what came up. These were the toughest years of my career as a Security Policeman but the most memorable. I was assigned to GAMA Security in 1987 and then appointed as the Physical Security NCO in 1988. I have a few pictures that hopefully will be of some use. One is a picture of the Headquarters building along with base and GAMA security forces, the second is a picture of the "B Flight GAMA Security posing in the Guardmount Room and the third was taken during  a Field Training Exercise in Arizona. Keep up the great work you guys are doing with this site. e-mail address viper9344@hotmail.com




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Thank you for the pictures Steve!