I served as a fire fighter at Comiso AS from May 1983 to September 1983, back when the place was just a construction site. I have attached six photos of some of the activities that took place at that time.  Some of the photos may be of interest on this site just from the standpoint of showing some of the early construction of the place.   Some of the photos show the fire department doing what we did best back then..... build sidewalks and patios! We didn't have many fires! Just built sidewalks and sprayed down protesters. Ahhh.. the good old days. The photo of the softball game was taken on July 4th, 1983. There were all kinds of activities, including a pretty good fireworks display. It's interesting to note on that photo that the "dugouts" are actually shipping crates!

- Jon Williams










 Click here to see a captured German aircraft in this same spot (on  Comiso's runway) during WW II


Photos courtesy of Jonathan Williams


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