GLCM Pages! Dedicated to the Ground Launched Cruise Missile Legacy

About this site: You probably discovered this web site for a reason. You were likely affiliated in some way with GLCM and need no introduction to what it was all about. This web site is dedicated to GLCM and the people who built, fielded, maintained, and finally, deactivated it.
The site began as "something to do" a few years ago while I was reminiscing about the best part of my military career. So far, hundreds of visitors have visited the GLCM Pages. I have not been able to update the site as often as I would like. Also, I have had many problems with 'free' hosting service’s free services. As of April 2004 I am running my own servers...a science experiment to be sure, but I am no longer limited in what can be fact the only limitation is time! Thus, as of April 2004 the GLCM Pages have a rebirth and are slowly growing again.

Everyone who is a part of the GLCM legacy likes to connect with the past. I do plan to evolve this site over time. To that end, I need your help! Please, feel free to send me anything for posting here. You can send stories, pictures, links, or whatever you have that is part of the GLCM legacy. I will post it as quick as I can. Come back, and I promise to keep this site growing........Even more important, contribute! Send some scanned images of your GLCM memories! How about take some digital photos of your old awards, plaques, coins, patches; any anything you think might be worthy to share.

About me: First, I am not a web developer, and I do not expect this site to be an especially good example of how to do good web development. I did pass seven years of my life working in Ground Launched Cruise Missile system. Of those, I spent four at Comiso AS, Sicily and the other three at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. At Comiso, I worked in the Weapons Control System (WCS) shop and in the Specialized Training Branch (STB) training from 84-87. I returned in 90/91 for the final days and eventual shutdown. At D-M I was a field maintenance dispersal instructor in Bravo flight. I was fortunate to then work in space launch operations at Cape Canaveral FL for another 7 years and then at Air Force Space Command HQ where I retired.


Mike Dolloff, SMSgt USAF, Ret.

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